• Pupil / teacher ratio (primary), 2007: 36
  • No data available regarding literacy rates, primary school attendance rates, and percentage of children out of school.

Somllia Teacher Training
Children at Al-Baraka Schools

Children living in countries affected by conflict are more likely not to be attending school. This is evident in Somalia, where opportunities for education are unavailable for the majority of children. Reliable data is hard to find, but UNICEF estimates that Somalia has a 19.9 per cent gross enrolment ratio (GER), thus representing one of the lowest primary school enrolment rates in the world. Gender disparities in access to education remain a big problem, and female teachers are under-represented. In Somaliland, where our local partner school is located, there has been considerable progress made, but the region is still very poor and public services are not yet particularly established in rural areas. The nomadic pastoral lifestyle of many of Somaliland’s inhabitants also mean that it can be difficult for children to get continuous schooling, as their families move from one place to another.

Our local partners in Somalia are Al-Baraka Elementary, Intermediate and Secondary Schools, located in Hargeisa in the autonomus region of Somaliland (namnet ska vara en länk till: http://albaraka.wordpress.com/). The total number of students are around 620, of which 30% are girls. Primary and secondary teachers at these schools have been taking part in online Teacher Training programmes run by Education Finder since 2007, and Sharing Awareness is proud to support this very successful project. Fifteen untrained teachers are currently involved in the programme while simultaneously maintaining their teaching jobs at the schools. This unique design of the programme offers teachers a high degree of flexibility and an extraordinary way of combining work and studies. It also gives them the possibility of incorporating new innovative ideas and knowledge gained from the teacher training programme directly into their current classroom teaching. The programme benefits both the teachers, who receive further education, as well as the children and the wider community. Teachers who have already taken part in the project will eventually become ’local supervisors’, taking over part of the teacher training themselves and offering their insights and experiences to their colleagues.

The Al-Baraka schools are registered and accredited by the Ministry of Education, and are working closely with the Education Ministry as a flagship school in Somaliland. They work in close cooperation with civil society on developing programmes focused on children’s rights, environment and education for all. The Al-Baraka schools are also a member and Somaliland coordinator of ENO (Environmental Online) Schools (link: http://www.joensuu.fi/eno/basics/briefly.htm)

Website link: http://albaraka.wordpress.com/