The teacher training programmes that Sharing Awareness supports are online-based and tutored by highly qualified ’teacher trainers’. E-learning offers a number of advantages: it is cost-effective, highly flexible and adaptable, and offers great possibilities for sharing knowledge both locally and globally. Our method is based on a mutual exhange of ideas and experiences, not a simple one-way transfer of skills and knowledge. By working online, the unqualified teachers that we train can continue their regular teaching while they’re taking the course, which is a great benefit for the teachers as well as their students. We are dedicated to making the quality of education count.

We also support a number of community-based projects, focusing on raising awareness about health, environment, and new technology. We believe that the starting point for positive change comes from within the community, and therefore the projects that we support all focus on harnessing that unique, local potential. All great innovations come from the sharing of great ideas.

Sharing Awareness was founded in 2010 by teachers and staff at MKFC and Education Finder. We are truly passionate about e-learning and ICT for development, and have extensive experience in working with online teaching and development projects, particularly in Africa.