Trained Teachers
Teacher Training group in Somalia who have passed the eTeacher Training

“Teacher For every Child ” needs donations to support Teacher Training of uneducated teachers at schools. According to UN we need more then 10 million teachers to reach the Millennium Development Goals with Primary Education for All by 2015. Teacher For Every Child provides “All Included Teacher Training” for uneducated teachers in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Pakistan and Somalia. The founders of Sharing Awareness has 15 years experience in adult education and training projects in Africa.

With the money raised; Sharing Awareness will work with Pre School, Primary and Secondary Teacher Training in Service.

Advantages with Teacher Training
Teachers have low wages and often lack the education leading to low status in development countries. Untrained teachers in schools also hold back the pupils’ progress. The children who attend school may, in many cases, come to a school with outdated teaching methods and approaches to learning.

In order to create future citizens who will rebuild their communities need teachers who can encourage their students to become local and global citizens. It also requires knowledge of new technology to help people to be informed about decisions on health, environmental and other challenges. Teachers play a leading role in helping children to learn, attitudes and values that help them understand the world and create change.

Teacher Training for long-term development
The training is integrated into the teacher’s authentic environment for learning to best integrate theory and implementing it in school Practice at once. Training materials, guidance and cooperation are online, and participants are studying when it suits them depending on their work, life and other commitments. Participation in various Net Communities expands the classroom and learning environment, and spreading innovative ideas for school management, teachers, parent groups and students.