It has been over a year since our last visit to Niliyungdo. Although we keep constant communication with our community change agents, we finally took a trip to the village to update our partners and sponsors on all that is happening, and also to start a new project. It has taken this long to visit the village because there was the need for the village to sustain the ongoing projects in our absence in order for us to access the projects properly. We must say we are very proud to see all that has happened in this community.

The main purpose of our visit to Niliyungdo was to start a Solar Project in the village.
The objective was to:

  • Install Solar panels. (The panels and modules are capable of lighting 5 lights for at least 3 hours a day. It is also capable of charging 5-10 mobiles at a time.)
  • Teach the local change agents on the proper care and maintenance of the panels and module.
  • Start a Microfinance program with the charging of mobile phones for the village and nearby villages. With 5 selected local agents as supervisors of the program, where the income will be directed towards the development of the community.
  • Update the progress of the village since our last visit.

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